hi you.
I’m Kelly
that’s the briefest, smallest and simplest bio I can give you
I like caffeine, visual arts, books, music and films more than anything
as well as tragic stories, daytime wonder, alone time and late night milk gulps

I like coffee 97% of the time
and drink it in just about any way I can
cold hot black creamy no sugar no cream
and in any place, any time of the day

I like to play with pencils and colors too
I call myself a self-taught artist
yes, I taught myself how draw
no, I’m not an artist
I feel self-conscious calling myself close to that
I feel slightly uneasy even calling my drawings “art”
because they’re just drawings
no more than that

I like reading, yes
my favourite writer is Jack Kerouac
my favourite book is a million little pieces by James Frey because of one to many reasons
I hate science-fiction because it gives me headaches
and every once and a while, nightmares
I like realistic fictions and memoirs
just because I like finding common things between me and the protagonist
and because I’m a bad-ass gut-kicking fist-pumping realist
and I love true to life stories
aust as I like the Bio and history channel

of course I like music, who doesn’t?
my favourite band is The Killers
because they are the killers
that’s why
and partly because their songs float me high up mid-air 
because just as the song plays i have every reason to close my eyes and let myself indulge to the rhythm 

I’m also equally in love with
The Temper Trap because all their songs are down right beautiful
and nostalgic, very.
I also like female vocalists
like Florence Welch and Lykke Li
because they’re not just singers,
they’re writers with poetry to share with the world
and because I can sing along to their verses with pride
and without having to lower my voice like a man
I don’t like lorde for royals
I like her for glory and gore

I like watching movies, whenever
in the dead hours of the night
one of my favourites are
the place beyond pines
And the words
because I like seeing Bradley cooper not drunk and well-groomed
also, I like watching him break down
also, the stoker
because enticing and the idea of the whole film is brilliant
and because it’s mia therefore it’s jane eyre therefore it’s alice
and that’s why

I don’t watch filipino movies very often
because it’s predictable and it’s the same abscbn ultra bitch artistas
because it’s Shaina magdayao waking up on a horror film with perfectly curled hair
but when I do
It’s probably 80’s or 90’s film watching with pops
or the remote’s missing & we're stuck on cinema 1

I’m taking up the not so magnificent course of tourism
without the goal of being an attendant
If I could, I would roam around the world getting paid for landing in a different airport every week
I would like to travel more
and take photos of the first person who offers me a smile on the airport
I would like to travel more
to get lost again in a museum without my passport nor my luggage 
I would like to travel more 
to get into a fight for bargaining on a pair of shoes too low

I make and I break things.
I wake up Sunday mornings forgetting to brush my teeth
I stick posters of models on my bedroom wall to remind me how much I hate them
I change my mind way too often
I lose my temper way too often, too.
I hate pretty much about everything
i forgive yet forget friends
I wear the same beat up old sneakers
I curse every time I came across jerks
I spent my childhood hiding behind closed doors
I live to steer clear from my destiny
I’m the same as everybody yet different at the same time
I’m nothing short of ordinary

I’m Kelly
and this is me
and that’s the briefest, smallest and simplest bio I can give

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